How To Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Quickly

So, how to get rid of hemorrhoids fast? There are many things that you could do to cure hemorrhoids permanently. Hemorrhoids, also known as “piles”, are caused by various things such as unhealthy diet, pregnancy, or even constipation problems that occur over and over again. Basically, hemorrhoids are varicose veins that are located at your anus or rectum. These veins that become hemorrhoids might be bleed, swell and itch frequently and might put you in some awkward situations.

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Hemorrhoids (piles) usually could be relieved after few days without have to use any treatments. However, if you want to reduce any itching or other symptoms of hemorrhoids such as discomfort and bleeding, you could use various types of treatment and methods that might help you.

Usually, the treatment that could be used to treat hemorrhoids consists of several steps that you could do on your own such as changing your lifestyle. But sometimes you also need to use surgical procedures to treat this condition.

how to get rid of hemorrhoidsHome Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids symptoms could be treated with simple treatment using home remedies. To treat occasional flare-ups, you could follow these steps.

Take your time. If you feel like to defecate, you need to go to the bathroom as soon as possible. You shouldn’t wait for more convenient time to do this. If you restrain your urge to stool, it might lead to straining and increase the pressure inside your rectum. You also need to make your own schedule that you need to follow every day. You could stool after you take your meal and spend a few minutes on the toilet. With regular schedule, you could establish a better bowel habit.

Do some exercises. Doing some exercise such as moderate aerobic or brisk walking for 20 to 30 minutes a day might help you stimulate your bowel function.

Consume more fiber. Put more fiber on your menu and consume more foods with fiber might help you solve hemorrhoids symptoms. Some fiber supplements such as Citrucel, Metamucil and Fiber Con also could help you provide enough fiber for your body. When consumed with enough liquid, fiber could soften your stools and you could pass them easier without have to apply much pressure to hemorrhoids. Good sources of fiber are including beans, broccoli, wheat, oat bran, foods that made of whole grain and fruits. Fiber also could help you in decreasing bleeding, enlargement and inflammation that are caused by hemorrhoids. Fiber also could reduce irritation that is caused by small numbers of stool that stick on blood vessels. Increasing fiber intake might cause bloating on some women. That’s why you need to start slowly. Increase your fiber intake gradually up to 25 to 30 grams a day. You also need to drink more liquids as well.

Use topical relief. There are various types of creams for hemorrhoids that you could find on the market these days. These creams might contain local anesthetic substances that could help you to reduce the pains caused by hemorrhoids. Any creams or suppositories that contain hydrocortisone are also could be used to reduce these pains effectively. However, you need to remember not to use these products more than suggested dosage since they might cause atrophy on your skin. Witch hazel wipes or also known as Tucks are also a very good remedy for soothing the pain and it doesn’t have harmful effects to your body as well. You also could place small sized ice pack for a few minutes on your anal area to reduce swelling and pains. Finally, try to sit on cushions instead of hard surface to reduce hemorrhoids swelling and prevents the development of the new ones.

Sitz. Sitz basically comes from “sitzen”, a German word for “to sit”. It’s actually the type of bath where you put your buttocks and hips in warm water. It could relieve several symptoms of hemorrhoids such as irritation, itching, and spasms that occur on sphincter muscle. These days you could find small sized plastic tubs that fit perfectly over your toilet seat easily on the market. You could use this if you want to perform sitz bath. You also could use your regular bathtub with only few amount of warm water inside it. Recommended duration for sitz bath is 20 minutes. Sitz bath also should be done after bowel movement and you should do it 2 or 3 times a day. Make sure you dry your anal area with gentle pat after you perform sitz bath. Don’t rub your anal area or wipe it too hard. Hair dryer also could be used to help you dry your anal area properly.

Clot treatment. External hemorrhoids might form blood clot. When this is happening, you might feel that the pain is excruciating. When the clot appears for more than 2 days, you could use home remedies as the treatment for this symptom until it disappear by itself. Clot also could be treated using surgery. Hemorrhoid could be removed surgically and the clot could be withdrawn using minor procedure that is performed by surgeon.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids might take some time so that you might need to be more patient and use more efforts. However, home remedies are proven quite effective to treat hemorrhoids. If you continue your treatment using home remedies, you might be able to remove your hemorrhoids completely.

Procedure in hemorrhoids treatment

hemorrhoids treatmentSeveral types of hemorrhoids couldn’t be treated only using conservative treatment since there might be internal hemorrhoid or because the symptoms still persist. However, you could treat these conditions by using minimally invasive treatments. These treatments are also considered as less painful compared to traditional methods of removal. Minimally invasive treatments for hemorrhoids also allow you to recover quickly. These procedures usually performed in surgeon clinic or in the hospital.


Banding is the type of treatment that is performed to treat hemorrhoids in second or third degree. It involves elastic band which is very tight that is placed on the base of your hemorrhoids so that their blood supply could be stopped. Within seven days of treatment, the hemorrhoids should reduce by themselves. This procedure is usually performed within a day only so that you could back to your work on the next day. However, due to this procedure, you might feel discomfort for several days. You could use normal painkiller to reduce the pain effectively. If necessary, your GP could prescribe stronger medicine as well.

You might not be able to realize that the hemorrhoids are disappearing since they pass out during the time you go to toilet. If you find out some mucus release during the procedure, this might be a sign of the disappearance of your hemorrhoids.

Straight after the procedure, you might find some blood stick on your toilet paper after you wipe your anal area. This is quite normal as long as there is no excessive bleeding. If you find large amount of red blood or even blood clot (blood in solid lump form) you need to go to nearest A&E department immediately. At the area of the banding, ulcers or infections might occur. However, these conditions are quite rare and could be treated very easily.


Other alternative to treat hemorrhoids is stapled hemorrhoidopexy. This procedure is usually used especially to treat prolapsed internal hemorrhoids with bleeding. Stapling device is used by surgeon to remove the hemorrhoids to their normal point. This procedure is performed as day surgery. You will be given general anesthesia just like traditional hemorrhoids removal procedure. However, stapled procedure is considered as less painful method and you could recover quicker as well. even though it’s more painful compared to banding procedure and there are more minor side effects that might occur, stapled only needs to be performed once.


If you have large sized protruding hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids with persistent symptoms, or even internal hemorrhoids that appear even after banding procedure, surgery is definitely the best solution for you. Surgery could cure 95% of hemorrhoids cases with low complication rate. It doesn’t require you to stay overnight at the hospital. But it still requires you to take some general anesthesia though. You could return to your work after 7 to 10 days after surgery.

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